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A logo is one of the essential element of branding for any business. It is often the first thing a consumer relates to when you mention a product or product category. Marketers believe that logos are able to influence consumers at a subconscious level and can make your brand their preferred choice, once you are safely seated in their minds.

Never underestimate the power of company logos. This is basically the face that you are going to display to your business prospects. And since we are talking about faces, it had to be something good in the eyes of the audience. Now, if you have a company logo already, well and good, you have something to use for your marketing efforts.

A logo must be consistent for it to be recognized. When it is consistent, our brains recognize it and make the subconscious decision to trust it. This means, you should not change the words, the fonts, the colours or the icons as and when you like. 

However, there are times when a logo can be changed. When a company goes through rebranding, it is usually for either of the following reasons:

  • New ownership
  • Merger with another company
  • Looks outdated
  • Brand refresh after years
  • Simplification
  • To attract different types of customer
  • Shift in service or focus

When rebranding, a business cannot be using both the new and the older logo across board at once. Everything has to be changed all at once so that consumers viewing the older logo does not feel like they presented an older service. 

The price of a logo varies too. This is dependent on the value of the design. Companies that are going through rebranding after years tend to pay a lot more because the value of the design is higher as there are more things at risks with the logo change. When little to no thoughts are put into it, your logo is just another template symbol with your company name in fonts. The value of the logo is in the concept that lies behind it. The simplest logo  has the most detailed thought process and concept development behind it.

To gauge if a logo is effective, do a quick photocopy test and print it in black and white, if it works in just one colour – or imagine it being embroidered on a t-shirt. If it still works, then your logo works. If it’s made of 13 colours, you most likely won’t be able to effectively print it on things like umbrellas where silkscreen has limited colours, or embossing it effectively on a leather booklet. The simplest logos are always the most effective. 

Put enough thoughts in your logo right from the start. It’s better to start right then to change it again and again over time.


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